Happiness Centers

Tawzea Customer Happiness Centres

Using the latest technologies and through a qualified and professionally trained team that works to accomplish your requirements as quickly as possible, Tawzea Customer Happiness Centres provide their distinguished services. With their various branches spread throughout the UAE, our centers are the most prominent advanced centers in providing a new dimension to integrated logistics services.


Our Services

- Logistics services: Delivery (documents - cards - passports – packages)

- Governmental Transactions

- Tawzea Library

- Selling School Books


Centre Features


- Businessmen Services

- Information desk

- Dedicated prayer rooms for men and women

- A large waiting area for both men and women

- A place designated for the elderly and people of determination

- Entrances and exits prepared for people of determination

- Dedicated places for reading

- "Coffee shop" lounge

- Wi-Fi internet connection

- Washrooms for all groups (men, women, people of determination)


Tawzea emphasized meeting the requirements of the elderly and people of determination, which was all integrated into the center’s electronic system.


Working Hours

From Monday to Saturday: from 8 am to 8 pm

Friday: From 8 am to 12 afternoons & From 4 pm to 8 pm

Sunday: closed



Our Locations

Abu Dhabi branch: Click here

Al Ain Branch: Click here

Dubai branch: Click here

Sharjah Branch: Click here

Ajman Branch: Click here

Ras Al-Khaimah Branch: Click here

Fujairah Branch: Click here


For inquiries: 800877